Gloria's Transformations - the Pro

See the previous stories describing Gloria's series of genetic transformations into a terrifically voluptuous, totally uninhibited, and breathtakingly gorgeous blonde, with a hypersexuality condition that effects a hyper sex drive and many perverse sexual impulses that become overwhelmingly powerful. She has intense fetishes for size, black men, semen, testicles, impregnation, exhibitionism, and submission, and a deep desire to please men sexually.

Her light skinned body is changed dramatically in a series of genetic treatments. Her face becomes movie star gorgeous, her skin, totally flawless, her eyes, a sapphire blue, and her light blonde hair, full and naturally curly. She loses all body hair except on her head. Her facial lips are quite voluptuous but not enough to diminish her beauty. Her breasts grow to breathtaking proportions, and her derriere enlarges to a massive bubble butt. Her waist shrinks, giving her an incredibly stunning 81-21-71 figure.

Her mammoth breasts have the right mixture of fatty and connective tissues to be resilient and firm enough to stay in place and maintain their gorgeous shapes regardless of her position but yet are soft to the touch, jiggly, and yielding. Due to their suppleness and huge size relative to her chest, they are pressed together over half their length and point in divergent directions. They fill a 36Z cup when drained of the creamy milk they constantly lactate at the rate of two liters an hour. Each breast has a very deep and highly expandable central milk duct with folds in a rounded, funnel like entrance. Her pink nipples are an inch long, 1.5 inches across, and highly elastic, along with all the tissues surrounding her milk ducts. Her areolae are also pink, five inches across, and smoothly bulge out to a maximum of an inch beyond the natural curvature of her breasts.

White cream from her greatly enlarged Bartholin's and Skene's glands flows at her slightest arousal and becomes voluminous during sex. She grows additional glands that secrete cream into her vagina, lower colon, and rectum along their entire lengths. The inside dimensions of her vagina, lower colon, and rectum shrink to zero as their walls thicken and become highly soft and yielding. Her vaginal introitus is normally closed by a thin sphincter muscle tight enough to hold fluids. Her mouth, facial lips, throat, main milk ducts, nipples, areolae, asshole, vulva, clitoris, cervix, womb, urethra, the entire length of her vagina, lower colon, and rectum, and all her mammary skin become hyper sensitive erogenous zones with thousands of additional nerve endings. Her abdominal muscles weaken and the tissues of her bladder, stomach, womb, vagina, and colon all become highly elastic, making possible huge expansions of her normally very flat and slim belly. Her vagina is lengthened to nine inches and her lower colon straightened to accommodate very long cocks. Her urethra and cervix become very expandable but remain strong, and her uterus is aligned with her vagina. Her throat is made highly elastic to accept huge cocks.

Her transformed body provides her mindblowing sensual pleasures, wealth and luxuries, and exceptional popularity with men beyond her wildest dreams. She becomes a big black cock slut and sex slave to sixteen brothers to satisfy her many uncontrollable and overwhelming sexual desires and fetishes. Her masters take control of her whoring, and they frequently pimp her out for their voyeuristic pleasure and profit.

More Genetic Changes

Her masters and some friends have all gathered by the mansion's indoor stage to talk with Gloria about more genetic changes to her body. As she walks up on the stage, she has mixed feelings. She is thrilled about being forced to submit to more changes but dreading what they want now. Her compulsive exhibitionism, and knowing what her men want, drives her to begin stripping, doing it slowly to increase their enjoyment. She has planned for this and is wearing a black, quarter cup shelf bra and lace, thong panties under a translucent, silver top and miniskirt. After a strip tease dance, she enjoys titillating her masters as they talk by stroking her nipples until they are making impressive sprays of milk and restroking them whenever they return to just tiny streams.

"Babe, we want your doctor to make a few more changes to you. Shrinking your waist to 21 inches made your booty look too big. We think you'd be sexier with a 56 inch ass. Tyreek can show you an animated porn model with just the ass we want you to have. Your booty will be even more incredibly alluring! Your hips will still look fantastically broad and be almost three times as wide as your waist, much more than any other woman!"

"And we want your sensuality to be so over the top that you climax the moment a man's lips or dick touches your lips. Your sensuality should be enhanced until you orgasm the second you are penetrated or with just a single stroke of your tits or kiss anywhere on them or a touch of your nipples. Suckling men, worshiping their genitals, and receiving their semen should give you huge orgasms. And we want your orgasmic quivers to be much stronger, so that you will have very powerful vaginal and uretine contractions with intense orgasms. We also want your colon and throat to have strong, rhythmic spasms during anal and oral climaxes. We want to see and feel your orgasms much more than we do now."

"A smaller booty will be great! But I know from experience the other changes you want can only be done by elevating my libido, and it's already ridiculously high! I'm totally addicted to sex now! Having sex or thinking about sex is really all I want to do! Most of the time I'm not satisfied now, even with daily gangbangs. With this change, I'll be totally insatiable! You know how terrible it will be to be insanely horny all the time, no matter how many dicks I get to fuck me? And all my sexual impulses and fetishes, like my submissiveness, exhibitionism, and my worship of big black cocks, will get even stronger! Here, this will show you how oversexed I am already! I'm aroused and flowing, just from talking about this and exposing myself to you guys!"

Gloria lies down with her ass on the edge of the bed facing her audience, lifts her legs up with bended knees, and spreads them as far apart as she can. Her men always love seeing the sharp, round curves of her huge buttocks that bulge so far out below her and elevate her torso so high off the bed. She tingles with excitement as she exposes to the men the lightly pink and white, lovely skin of her vulva, perineum, and asshole covered with cream. She gets everyone's attention as she pulls apart her labia to reveal more of her pinkness and the white cream filling her vestibule and flowing down her cheeks.

"So you'll be constantly horny, completely insatiable, crave and enjoy our big black cocks even more, and be more of an exhibitionist and more submissive. Is there a down side somewhere here, because we're not hearing it? Ha! But there's more. We want your pussy returned to a normal four inches."

Gloria suddenly rises up on her arms with a frown on her face and a bounce of her tits that gets everyone's attention. She sits on the edge of the bed with her hands far behind her, so her breasts are even more prominent for her men. The side view of a huge tit from slightly behind is unforgettable. "But none of your long dicks will be able to go balls deep in me, since my womb is only four inches long!"

"Oh yes, we will, because we want the top of your womb to be elastic enough to be stretched out several inches. The sadists among us are hoping your womb will be extremely sensitive to being stretched."

"Oh, I'm sure it will be! My God, even average cocks will be prying open my cervix and fucking my womb, making intercourse so painful! And all the cocks longer than eight inches will be even more excruciating, with the agony of having my womb stretched adding to the misery of my cervix being forced open! I beg you, please don't do this to me! Can I at least have my cervix made more pliable? That would make the pain more bearable."

"Are you kidding? We love how tight your cervix is! Your seventh pleasure hole is your most enjoyable one!"

"But what about our monthly parties to breed me? I won't be able to stay pregnant at all, if my womb is being fucked all the time!"

"After the novelty wears off, we think we'll have the will power to stay out of your womb long enough to let you be pregnant for a while. We like it when you're showing, and we can still go balls deep down your throat or up your ass."

"No, please, I beg you, don't make me submit to this!... How much do you guys want this?"

The whoops and cheers from her masters gives her the answer.

"Oh no!"

Gloria closes her eyes, sighs, and falls back hard on the bed to show her submission and to sway her tits for her masters. She likes visually entertaining her masters, and the large number of friends who continually hang out with them, for their pleasure and hers. The men with a side view of her marvel at the gap between the small of her back and the bed, produced by her huge, firm ass. Her submission sweeps her body with tingling sensations that turn into a huge orgasm, and she moans long and hard. Some of her masters join her on the bed. Their hands on her super sensitive tits give her more orgasms. She thinks:

"I'll be on cloud nine for a while with this huge submission, but what have I done? Every guy with a just an average dick will be in my womb, causing me terrible pain! Plus the big cocks I crave will be even more excruciating inside my womb! And how will I find the time to have more dicks fuck me to satisfy my heightened desires? Hopefully, the more intense sex will be more satisfying."

Gloria feels the latest changes taking place in her body over the next several months. Her figure is more alluring with her smaller ass. Her sexual desires steadily increase, her vagina becomes shorter, and the penetrations of her womb become far more frequent. Her orgasms intensify, and sex becomes more pleasurable, which helps her deal with the increased pain of vaginal intercourse. Her enhanced sexuality clouds her thinking and continually fills her mind with arousing thoughts that begin at just the sight of any man.

Getting Ready for the Cannes Film Festival

Gloria mounts the stage and strips naked to get the attention of her masters and their guests sitting all around her. She sits on the edge of the bed facing them in silence for a moment to let them enjoy her body and her very impressive, milky tits. The unbelievable difference between the size of her waist and the width of her hips never ceases to amaze them, especially when she is sitting on her ass and spreading it out even wider. She keeps her legs somewhat apart and enjoys teasing the men by shifting her legs to give and deny vaginal shots to various parts of her audience. As her arousal from their stares grows, white cream overflows her vulva and oozes down her ass crack. She also titillates them by enthusiastically gesturing as she talks to wobble her massive and luscious mammaries for them.

"My annual trip to the Cannes Film Festival is next week. Remember how much money I made for you guys last year when I was sold to superyachties? [see the Yacht story] Well, I'm going to earn a lot more money this year! Bill, my superyacht sugardaddy, has gotten me an invitation to a party on a megayacht owned by Roman Abramovich! He's one of the richest billionaires in the world, and he's Russian, so you know I won't like him or his friends sexually, especially the mobsters. I'm sure I can entertain you guys with lots of juicy stories about what he and all his super rich buddies did to me. You guys will be even happier with the money I'll bring back for you! I hope you appreciate how hard I will be working for you."

"You call what you'll be doing work? All you have to do is let them fuck you."

"Au contraire! Since my last genetic treatment, I have irresistible desires to initiate and perform the action, either blowjobs, intercourse, analcourse, or nipple fucking, no matter how repulsive the men are. If they are totally gross, I hate myself afterwards, but I can't control myself when I'm around a man, any man. I have this overpowering craving to please all men and satisfy myself with their dicks, either orally, anally, vaginally, or in my nipples, and have their semen in and all over me. My insane and overwhelming sexual urges are thanks to you guys, who made me submit to the latest changes. But it's not all bad. I have gotten more popular and raised my whoring rates, and I'm enjoying sex with you black studs more than ever before!"

"Darkeem is a brown belt now and will be accompanying me on this trip as my bodyguard. He is an excellent choice, because I'll be needing a brother with lots of stamina. You know all those small, white dicks won't come close to satisfying me. Darkeem has promised to abstain for a week to get himself ready for our trip. Let's see if he can do it. Heehee. Darkeem also has lots of experience at pimping me out. I pleaded with Bill to invite you guys, but he just doesn't have the room on his yacht due to the festival. Anyway, I wouldn't have time for all you guys since I'll be whoring a lot."

"So I'd like your opinions on all the new outfits you bought me for Cannes. You know, all my clothes are specially made to fit me for obvious reasons. The servants are bringing them out now. Why don't you new guys come up on the stage and help me? Please open the boxes and help me try on my new outfits right here where everybody can see. But first help me wipe off my cream and milk with a towel, so I don't get my new threads wet. Look at the cream running down my thighs and how my pussy is dripping! Being naked in front of you all and thinking about being gangbanged by the some of the richest and most famous men on the planet have made me flow."

Her Arrival

Prior to their arrival, Gloria asked Bill to be in the limo he arranges to pick them up at the Nice airport so she can get an early start on paying him.

As Darkeem and Gloria climb into the limo, she immediately straddles Bill, presses her breasts into him and gives him a long kiss that ends with her softly moaning into his mouth.

"So glad to see you Bill! Yes, I just came while I kissed you. My body has changed since we last were together. My sensuality is much more intense, making everything, including just kissing, so exciting!" She kisses him again with her voluptuous, soft lips.

"Oooohhh ... And I've had another change I know you'll love! I will surprise you with it tonight. I'm so grateful for you letting us stay on your yacht and my introduction to Roman! Let me start right now paying you back." She kneels before him, unzips his pants, and brings his cock out.

"I have a surprise for you too, Gloria. Ooohhh!" She swallows his cockhead while looking into his eyes. "I gave most of the crew time off and hired six, good looking, young black male stewards. They have been tasked to take very good care of you."

"Oh, Bill, you're so thoughtful, and I'm so much in your debt. Let me see what I can do for both of us."

She takes off her coverup, takes her boobs out of her dress, and places the tip of his cockhead just inside the entrance of a nipple hole, enlarging the end of her nipple. She smiles and leans forward, slowly pushing his cock into her breast and expanding her mammary flesh, as she closes her eyes and moans passionately. She has an orgasm that makes her dizzy, and she grabs his knees to steady herself.

"Aaaahhh...Darkeem and I only had sex three times on the long flight here for fear of being caught, so you don't know how much I needed your cock."

She continues fucking one breast, then another, with his cock by leaning forward and back, moaning with each motion until he blows. She moans again as her lips massage his cock and she indulges her semen fetish by sucking all the semen off his cock and the semen remaining in it. She continues sucking on his still erect cock and enjoying her orgasms. She is aware of her recently enhanced sex drive and her more sensitive lips but still can't get used to how much pleasure his average sized, white cock gives her. When she sees they are getting close to the megayachts in the harbor, she reluctantly puts his cock back in his pants.

She leans back in the reclining back seat and starts stroking her breast until his semen oozes out her nipple and follows the curves of her luscious boob. She wipes his spunk off her lips and bulbous orb with her fingers and sucks them clean. She doesn't want a glob of semen seeping through the thin material of her expensive dress and ruining its look. She also wants to enjoy the semen he left inside her milk duct. She dries herself with a towel and puts her boobs back in her dress. She realizes Bill's wife will be able to smell her, but his wife won't know who's semen it is. As she fixes her hair and lipstick, she glances at Darkeem's crotch and is dying to get her lips on his huge, black cock, but there is no time.

Bill asks her to put on the long coverup she wore on the plane, to let the many wives on his yacht gradually be presented with her shocking body. He explains his guests for the festival are stuffy and could cause her problems. As they step out of the limo, her gorgeous face and long blonde hair immediately attract the attention of men on the dock and superyachts. The cat calls and comments are the loudest from those who realize she cannot be fat with her slim arms, neck, and legs. But they are still respectful, since they can see she is with Bill. She causes quite a commotion as they walk down the quay to Bill's yacht, and she smiles and waves at her many admirers. She is craving to get the crowd's reaction to taking off her coverup but doesn't want to displease Bill.

The newly hired black crew line up near the gangway to greet Gloria. She pulls apart her coverup so they can ogle her cleavage and watch her jiggle as they vigorously shake her hand. She loves how handsome they all are and the lust she can see on their faces. She knows she will enjoy them. She pulls together her coverup as she walks down the deck to meet Bill's wife and his other guests. They are all served drinks, and the women sit down with Gloria to talk on the aft deck. The conversation eventually turns to Gloria's body.

"Gloria, darling, you're so pretty and charming! Don't such large implants bother you?"

"Thanks. Yeah, they are heavy and get in the way all the time, but they're worth it, because men love them!" She smiles and thinks it easier to just let the ladies think she has implants.

"You have so much milk. How many little ones are you nursing?"

"None, I'm breast feeding big ones - all my black boyfriends."

"So tell us, is it true what they say about black men?"

"Oh yeah, it's true alright! Would any of you ladies like to see for yourself and watch Darkeem in action sometime?" She enjoys their reactions and hopes shocking them will stop their questions.

When she is unpacking, her contact in Cannes knocks on the open door to her suite. She has taken off her coverup, and her dress reveals her cavernlike cleavage which instantly catches his notice. He kisses her on both cheeks and speaks without taking his eyes off her mouth watering orbs.

"Sweetheart, you are as gorgeous as always! Je 'taime!"

"Thanks, Francois! I love you too. Shall we talk business before the pleasantries?"

"Sure. My, you are the envy of everyone with an invitation to one of Abramovich's parties. I'm sure he will love you! His black tie party is tomorrow at 8. So from 7AM tomorrow until 5, with an hour and a half for lunch, I have booked a man or men for you every half hour in your suite. Everyone except one guy wants sloppy seconds, so I have booked the prissy guy first in the morning. And one man wants a threesome with you and Darkeem. I made the threesome your last appointment, so you two can continue after the customer leaves. I told him to pay Darkeem for the additional cost of the threesome. Darkeem can verify tonight all the deposits I made from tomorrow's customers into his bank account. After dinner tomorrow night, I will call you to find out when you want to pay me. Not in cash, I hope."


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