A Cheerleader Fantasy

51: A Cheerleader Fantasy

Scene: A college girl is working in a computer lab at a college, sitting at a desk. She has on a college sweatshirt. We can't see her body below the table. Another girl comes in. She's wearing leggings under a short cheerleader uniform and a heavy jacket zipped up. She has a laptop bag. The computer girl looks up at her. "Can I help you?"

The cheerleader has a very bitchy attitude. "Yes, you'd better be able to help me. My computer won't let me on and I have a paper due in two days."

"All right, tell me about the problem. What kind of an error message are you getting?"

"What do you think I am, a computer nerd? I don't fix computers. That's why I'm bringing it to you." She hands the bag to the nerd. "I put a paper with my phone number in the bag. My name's Hailey. I've got to go to cheerleader practice so I can't just wait around here while you do your computer stuff. Okay? Call me later and tell me when I can come get it." And she turns and leaves quickly.

The next scene is in a student apartment. We see Hailey in her leggings and a tight, sexy sweater. The cheerleader skirt is on a chair with the coat she'd been wearing. She opens the door and the girl is there with her computer. "It's about time! You called an hour ago to say it was fixed and you were bringing it here." She reaches for the bag.

The other girl holds it back away and tells her "hold on, there's some stuff I gotta tell you about first. Let me come in."

Hailey's very annoyed but she backs up, lets the girl in, and closes the door. The girl sits on the couch, and Hailey sits on the other end facing her. The girl's wearing baggy sweats and the college sweater under a thick winter coat.

"I wanted to back up a few items to my own machine. You see, the problem is that your machine is so full that it couldn't even start Windows. Did you know that every mail message you've ever sent on this machine was saved to a folder in your mail program?"

Hailey shakes her head and asks slowly "Everything?"

"Yes, everything. But that wouldn't have filled it except that about two months ago, a setting was changed so that every webcam call that you made was also recorded and saved to your hard drive." Hailey looks a little worried. "I'm sorry, but I had to erase all of those files." Hailey looks relieved. "But I made a copy of them on my own machine first in case we need them."

Hailey starts to tell her that they can be deleted.

"Wait, I don't think we've really met yet. I know you because I go to all of the basketball games to see you. My name's Jamie. Anyway, some of these messages might be very important. You know, there's a bunch of messages to someone named Richard. I read all about the very nice intern job you're going to have again this summer and all you'll have to do is keep having sex with him. You know, something like that could get him in all kinds of trouble with his company, and those photos you sent to him of you just wearing your cheerleader skirt could get you in all kinds of trouble. Remember that cheerleader from Louisville a bunch of years ago? Now, I saw some of your video chats where Richard was asking you to undress and play with yourself again for him. That's a very stupid thing to do online, you know. From the chats I read, I can tell that you did that just a few days before the chat settings were changed, just so you know, so that first session wasn't recorded. And I can tell that you didn't do it again, but there are lots of videos of you doing cheers for him in just your thong."

"What are you going to do with those files?"

"Well, that may depend on you. I've had some fantasies with you naked, so I want you to come stand in front of me and let me take your clothes off."

"This is blackmail. You don't want to go to jail, do you?"

"No, you're wrong. I've got important files that I feel I have to turn over to a company regarding their employee so I don't get in legal trouble — withholding evidence of a crime or anything like that. But like I told you, I've kind of had a crush on you since I first saw you. If I thought that you liked me in return, well then I can't turn over documents that would injure my girlfriend."

Hailey wants to say something but doesn't know how to object.

"So let's keep our game moving forward. I've dreamt of your breasts for a long time. Come here so I can take off that sweater and anything you have under it."

Hailey just stands there while she's trying to make up her mind. Finally, she reluctantly obeys Jamie. Jamie takes off Hailey's top and then her bra. Jamie's hands squeeze her breasts and play with her nipples. "Wow, they're so perfect! Now, I want to see the rest of you!" She grabs ahold of Hailey's leggings and underwear and pull them down to the floor. "Step out of them, please." Hailey lifts her feet as Jamie pulls off the clothes and tosses them behind Hailey. Hailey crosses her arms in front of her and stands there in her ankle-high socks. "You are so gorgeous; I can hardly wait to play with your pussy. But turn around first." Hailey obeys. Jamie pats and squeezes her ass. "This is perfect, too. You're just the absolutely perfect model woman! I'm so excited. Turn back around!" Hailey obeys. "Now part your legs a little so I can rub you." Hailey obeys. "Here are my important instructions that you have to follow. Do not have an orgasm while I'm rubbing you!"

"Oh, no problem. I don't want to have one with you," Hailey snarls.

"Then we agree. Just tell me before you cum and I'll stop." Jamie rubs her pussy. At first, Hailey just looks perturbed, but eventually it's starting to turn her on. She looks more uncomfortable. She starts shifting her weight, and her arms are squeezing tighter. "You're not going to cum, are you? You're feeling a lot wetter down here."

"No, I'm not going to cum with you."

Jamie stands up. "I couldn't count how many times I've had this exact fantasy — and now it's not a fantasy. You are so perfect. Now, kiss me while I rub you."

Hailey shakes her head. "I don't kiss girls."

"You know we've already decided that I get to decide what you do and don't do."

Hailey gives in and nods her head. Jamie moves her face closer but at the last moment, Hailey turns away. "I just can't do it."

"Okay, here's what you'll do. Just close your eyes and stand there. Hailey obeys, and Jamie starts kissing her face. Hailey doesn't look happy. "Now just stick out your tongue." Jamie swirls her tongue around Hailey's then wraps her lips around the tongue like she's giving a blow job to the tongue. She gets her tongue in Hailey's mouth, and Hailey starts to kiss her back and then stops abruptly. Jamie tells her to put her tongue out again, and Jamie wraps her lips around the tongue again and kisses her. This time Hailey kisses back and doesn't stop. While they kiss, Jamie still rubs Hailey's pussy with one hand and uses her free had to caress the rest of her body - going from her ass up her side to her breasts. They have a long kissing session,

Hailey is getting more agitated until she finally breaks off the kiss and steps back and is panting. "You've gotta stop before I have an orgasm."

"Okay, let's do this instead. Go put your cheerleader skirt back on." Hailey goes over to the skirt that was lying on the back of a chair and puts it on. Jamie points to an armchair with widely spaced arms — it looks like it could almost hold two people. "Now, go sit in that chair and pull up your skirt and drape your legs one the two arms."

Hailey shakes her head. "I can't do that! The arms are too wide apart!"

"Don't lie to me! I watch you do the splits a lot but you're going to have your pussy sticking out in the air and on display instead of pressed against the ground. And then when you're spread, I want you to pull open your pussy lips and tell me how horny you are and beg me to come fuck you."

Hailey looks like she's in shock, then she slowly obeys. While she's walking to the chair, Jamie gets her phone out and is filming her following the instructions. Hailey stretches her legs across the chair and pulls up her dress. She spreads her lips and begs Jamie to come and fuck her.

"Keep your legs spread over the arms and show me how you play with yourself and keep begging me, but no orgasm!"

Hailey obeys, and Jamie continues filming. Then Hailey stops. "I have to cool off or I'm going to have an orgasm."

Jamie puts puts away her phone back in her purse and gets on her knees between Hailey's legs. She's kissing and licking Hailey's inner thighs and around her pussy, just teasing her. "Have you changed your mind? Do you want me to make you cum?

"No, I don't have sex with women."

"Okay, then don't cum unless you change your mind and beg for my permission first. Otherwise, if you cum, I'm posting everything I have from your mail and from today." She starts licking Hailey's pussy now, and Hailey is both moaning and whimpering and getting agitated again. Hailey finally can't take it any longer and gives in and begs Jamie to let her cum. "You can cum now." Jamie pushes her tongue into Hailey as deeply as she can and leaves it there while Hailey has her orgasm.

Hailey's breathing slows down a little. "Okay, you've had your fantasy. Now go leave me alone!" Jamie continues licking Hailey's pussy and it doesn't take long before Hailey is panting and telling Jamie "I'm going to cum again." Hailey puts her tongue back into Jamie while she has her orgasm. After the orgasm, Jamie continues licking her. "Why aren't you stopping?" Jamie continues licking. This time, as her orgasm approaches, Hailey is using one of her hands to play with a nipple. The other hand goes behind Jamie's head and is trying to push her tongue into her again while she's saying"oh God, here it comes - this is the best one ever." Jamie puts her tongue back into Hailey while she has another orgasm. Then, Jamie leans back and is just kneeling. "Wait, just one more, okay?"

"At least one more, but first I want to see a cheer.

Hailey gets up and Jamie sits in the chair. Jamie's taking off her clothes while Hailey poses - stands on one foot and holds the other foot up with her pussy pointed at Jamie. "Two bit, four bit, six bit, a dollar; anyone who wants to fuck cheerleaders stand up and kiss me!"

Jamie is topless by now and stands up and the two girls kiss happily and passionately. Jamie tells Hailey "my turn, now." She pulls down her clothes and sits in the hair with her legs spread. "Lick me and make me cum. And finger yourself while you lick me." Hailey obeys and Jamie has an orgasm. "Just keep fingering me until I cum again." Hailey obeys and Jamie has another orgasm. Hailey is still rubbing herself and Jamie. "This is so amazing. You've fulfilled all of the fantasies I've ever had with you, and I've masturbated to those fantasies more than I can count. Now I'll need new fantasies."

Hailey stops rubbing. As she climbs into Jamie's lap, she tells her "I never thought that I could have so much fun with a girl. What if I try to fulfill your fantasies before you have them?" She guides Jamie's hand to her pussy and is kissing Jamie. Then, as Jamie rubs her, she maneuvers so she can also rub Jamie. We watch this and then Hailey asks "will you stay with me tonight?"

"That was always my plan." And now it's time to move to the bed." They stand up without stopping their rubbing and kissing and shuffle through the bedroom door and the more ends.












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