Blowing For a Promotion Pt. 02

Blowin' for a promotion Part 2

The steam bath.

Tuesday morning arrived and I was very nervous, yet very excited to finally be going with the upper echelon at work for their afternoon ritual. I had put the events of last week behind me and just chalked it up as "big business." Right or wrong, it led me to a new office, a new promotion in the wings and now I was rubbing elbows with the big bosses, as a big boss.

Just after lunch, the old man, McCallister, myself and the 4 other department heads met in the lobby of our building. We stepped outside and entered into a few Limos which awaited us. McCallister and the old man hopped into the first one, as I and the other senior partners got in the second. It was just a few minutes' drive to the Gentlemen's Club. As we entered into the building, it reminded me of an old-fashioned gym, but with no weights or machines. There was marble on the wall with tall column pillars. A full bar with a seating area, an open social style meeting room with full furniture and desk, while the whole place smelled of cigar smoke. The locker rooms were big and luxurious, almost like a high-end golf course. Each man has his own big locker, there are showers and stalls. The floor was carpeted and every little convenience you'd want from cologne, to mints, to shaving items are all spread on the long bathroom counter.

McCallister used the locker next to me and said, "Just follow my lead Ryan and I'll show you where to go and what to do."

I saw that everyone was stripping down to bare naked and just wrapping a towel around their waist. So, I did the same. There were a lot of men walking around in here. Some seem to be very rich and eccentric; probably kings of their industry, everything from business through the stock market. I started to feel out of place. As I finished wrapping the towel around me, McCallister leaned over and said, "Common kid, it's time for your massage."

We all walked down this long-marbled hallway to a different section of the club. Each of the department heads entered into individual rooms. McCallister stopped at the entrance for his room and nodded at the door ahead of me -- as if to say, that's your room -- and walked into his room. I stopped at the next doorway and entered into the room. I was greeted by a young Filipino lady who said, "Welcome Mr. Reynolds, please lay down."

There was a long leather covered massage table in the middle of the floor. There's was a light scent of aero mist flowing in the room with soft relaxing mood music playing on the speaker. I laid down on the table as the lady began massaging my body. The soft mood music and aromatic smell in the room, placed me at peace. I felt the warm oils exciting my skin as the girl's hands worked every muscle for top to bottom. I thought to myself, "Ahh, the pleasures of being the boss."

After the massages were done, we all exited the rooms at about the same time. I followed along as we made our way to the steam rooms. I sat in the room with McCallister and two other department heads, while the rest of my co-workers enter another. The room was hot and smelled of vapor rub, but it was a welcomed heated addition to the long full body massage I just had. There are seating blocks in the room, two high and it's just the four of us in the room. McCallister sat to the left of me on the bottom row, as the other partners sit atop on the upper row. I sat back and just enjoy breathing in the warm steam, sweating a bit and relaxing my cares away.

After about 10 minutes the other two partners got up to go have a drink and a cigar leaving me and McAlister alone. We sat idly chatting when I saw him unwrap his towel, opening it up completely exposing himself to me. To be quite honest, I was rather appalled by this behavior, almost offend. But, since I have been here, I have seen a host of men wandering around in towels or just bare ass naked, so I guess it's not an issue for him to be sitting here in the buff. His dick is average size with a bit more hair than I remembered. Although, when I sucked him off the first time, just his shaft was protruding from his boxers, so I never got to see the whole package. I tried to avoid looking at it, while nonchalantly keeping conversation with McCallister. And I thought to myself, if this was any other guy, or a guy I was interested in, I'd be horny as hell and wanting to suck his cock. But the man repulses me and I don't like being in here alone with him, but until I am made partner, I have to play the game.

"Ryan, I am glad you kept our little secret from last week and I am proud of you for taking one for the team." He belted out. "But I still can't decide on you and Brewer, so maybe you could convince me today that you're the best choice."

I knew what he meant and I knew what he wanted, but I just had no desire to suck his cock again. This wasn't a "who you know, who you blow bullshit", this was extortion. Sexual Harassment, heck, more like sexual assault. An overreach of power, an abuse of his authority, concocted and committed by a shell of a man, who has no other way to get a blow job, but by abusing that underneath him. I was so angry and so frustrated I wanted to just punch him in the face. But then the thoughts ran through my mind of Lynn and my kids and the money I'll be making.... So, what choice did I have?

I smiled and said, "Well sir, there's no doubt I'm your man, so I will be happy to prove my worth to you."

I unwrapped my towel, opening it up to him. I wanted him to see what a real dick looked like.

"Wow Reynolds, you got a nice package." He blurted out.

I reached my hand over his leg and slowly and gently started rubbing up and down on his limp cock and balls. The butterflies in my stomach started to whirl and I was somewhat aroused by reaching over and touching another man's dick, but being it was him left it feeling more gross and nauseating, but I had to do it. As McCallister started to get hard, I wrapped my hand around his shaft. Slowly stoking upwards and downwards, bringing him to full erection. I felt my cock tingling almost wanting to get hard and get played with, but I didn't want this fuckhead to think he was making me horny. I softly started caressing myself, thinking maybe I'll get more aroused and turned on, this might be a little more fun. McCallister's head leaned back, his eyes closed and he moaned out as I was jacking him off. I was hoping he would cum from the hand job, but without lube and my full effort, it wasn't going to happen.

"Suck on it Ryan." He mouthed out.

In that moment, I looked down seeing my right hand stroking my partially erect cock, while my left hand stroked his. I wanted this promotion and I wanted all the perks that came with it, so with some hesitation and dismay I gathered up all my muster and I leaned my body over his leg and placed my head between his thighs. I switched hands and watched my right hand stroking his cock, all while trying to figure out how I can get this guy jammed up and fired. I wanted to ruin his life, but he plays this game well. No talk about anything, no e-mails or texts, no witnesses....

Doing what I had to do, I placed the tip of his cock in my mouth and started slowly letting his cock slide all the way into my mouth. I started bobbing up and down, slowly at first, just to make it more erotic and more seductive. The feeling of having cock in my mouth again was erotic, but being it was his cock, was demoralizing and degrading. I slurped up and down on his cock, while still softly rubbing back and forth on my dick and balls. I was trying to make this pleasurable for myself, as his fully erect cock was sliding in and out of my mouth. His cock was slippery from the steam and my saliva. McCallister spread his legs open a bit more, as I re-adjusted my angle as to take his cock deeper into my mouth. I pulled away for a second and asked," What if someone comes in?"

"Don't worry." He relied. "There's been a lot of blow jobs in the steam room, you wouldn't be the first."

I leaned my head back down and slid his cock back into my mouth. l bobbed up and down, holding his balls with my right hand while I kept sucking. Loud slurping sounds filled the room as I worked on bringing him to orgasm. I actually really liked the feeling of giving head and found it to be quite a turn on, I was just wishing it was someone else. My left hand now tucked underneath my body, playing with and stroking my own cock, trying to get myself even harder and more aroused. I started stroking my shaft more and more, harder and faster trying to get more and more excited about sucking him off. I could hear McCallister breathing heavier and heavier, moaning out more as I continued slurping his cock. I felt his hand rest on my upper back and shoulder area as he whimpered," Yah Ryan just like that."

Like a good little employee, I was doing my job, I was taking one -- in this case another one - for the team. I was going to make him cum hard. He was going to love this blow job and I was going to get promoted. I just didn't want this flake cumming in my mouth again. I worked on sucking his cock, exceeding and developing better skills, better movements and an overall better blow job.

"I'm going to cum," he started bellowing out as I bobbed up and down, as my mouth pleasured him.

In my mind I thought, Really? That fast again?

Is this guy the three-minute man or what? God, his wife must be disappointed!

I started ramming my head down as far and as fast as I could while his cock slid all the way in and out of my mouth. Faster and faster, I went, as he started to thrust his hips upwards and squeeze the skin of my back. Just as I knew he was going to explode, I slid his cock from my mouth and into my hard stroking him again, within a second he started shooting his cum all over his legs and crotch. I had my head down there, hoping he would think I was taking his cum in my mouth and enjoying his ejaculation. But all while I knew it was my hard wrapped tightly around the tip of his cock giving him the stimulation and sensations he needed.

I stroked him off for a few more seconds, eventually letting go of his cock. I watched the last bit of his cum dribble from the tip of his dick as he sat there breathing like a marathon runner, with cum all over his legs and balls. I sat upwards to a sitting position and watched as McCallister's chest rise and fell fast, sweat pouring from his skin. "Whew," he said. "There's no doubt you're my man Reynolds."

I must admit I was horny as hell and wanted someone to suck my cock. But I knew he wasn't going to do it. Hell, I didn't want him to do it. Hopefully Lynn and I would have sex that night and I'd finally get off... We both sat in silence for a while, before finally getting up and heading to the bar to meet with the others.

In an impromptu meeting at the club, McCallister and the old man officially promoted me to Senior Partner. Congratulatory drinks and cigars were on them as the 7 of us celebrated my ascent in the company.

When we were back in the locker rooms getting ready to leave, McCallister leaned over to me and said, "Remember what it took to get you this promotion Ryan. And remember what it takes to keep your Senior Partner position."

Wait! What did he just say? Did he think I was going to keep sucking his cock every time he wanted a blow job? Are you kidding me?

He leaned back over and said, "I like the way you suck dick and as long as I'm in charge, dick sucking is what you'll do!"

Holy fuck. What is going on here???

After work I told Lynn about it. She was more excited about my promotion than I was, but was twice as pissed and aggravated as before. She wanted McCallister expose, as I did. So, we sat for hours trying to figure out a way to nail this guy, once and for all. Between the both of us we concocted a plan and set a chain of events in motion that not only ended his career but also ended his marriage.

I'll tell you all about it in the next chapter.

To Be Continued...


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